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JRRayder 07-21-2018 02:41 PM

A Musing About Alliances
Greetings Fellow Lords and Ladies of DAWland

This is another topic near and dear to my heart... I have often made a "gut-level" statement that is almost impossible to verify statistically that new players longevity is directly related to the quality of the alliance they first join.

Often a new player will join DAW, decide to make their own alliance and advertise it in public chat... many of you have seen my questions to them...

1. What do you have to offer?
2. What sets you apart from all the other alliances?
3. What do you teach about the game to a new player?

Of course it becomes pretty clear they need to be in a good alliance themselves rather than trying to run an alliance. And heaven help the poor new player who joins with them - it is literally the blind leading the blind.

But these are the essential questions any alliance should be able to answer - and not just the alliance leader but everyone in the alliance. If my "feeling" about new players is true then we lose many new players from the game because they join an alliance that can't answer these three questions.

So let's take them in turn and see what makes a good alliance...

What do you have to offer?

Well the game limits what you have to offer fellow allies. You can help attack those who attack an ally. You can send them resources. You can make private plans in alliance chat. But really at the end of the day the only thing you can "offer" is being active. To help a fellow ally, you and your alliance need to be active. So BE ACTIVE!

What sets you apart from the other alliances?

Alliances usually have some sort of parameters they operate with - like "we kill um all and take their cities" or "we protect the innocent". A few of the alliances are actually pacifists :) BUT surprisingly they always show up in the top 10 alliance ranks. Usually the key to a good alliance is a good alliance leader. A good alliance leader takes the lead to set policy for the alliance, to help with resources and to give training to the alliance but especially to the new players. A good alliance leader is active and involved. So if you create an Alliance, BE A GOOD ALLIANCE LEADER!

What do you teach new players about the game?

Every Alliance should have some level of training required even for "old" players. From time to time I (and a few others) have even setup training alliances. The longer-term players generally learned as much from the training sessions as the new players but ask them not me ;) Even if your alliance is NOT a training alliance, TRAIN!

People often get their head handed to them in this game because they don't master the whole range of attack and defense options available to them. And again, properly trained new players are - in my opinion - happier players more likely to stick around.

So, three pretty simple questions that cut to the core of what is or isn't a good alliance. BE in a good Alliance and if you are an Alliance leader - BE A GOOD LEADER!

I contend the better the quality of our alliances the more new players will "stick" and the more enjoyable the game will be for all of us.

Regards JR - Game Moderator

JackKetch 09-22-2018 06:54 AM

All very valid points JR.

That said, the elephant in the room is still the slow nature of the game when you first start and the need for gold to get anywhere at all.

Bob_Riley 09-24-2018 12:26 PM

slow nature and gold
Totally agree with Jack. Without gold it is difficult at best to grow and maintain, much less fight. This does not even include the players who do not like to fight anyway. They want to grow and get as large as possible without the drama of the battle, but really do not know how to grow to be competitive. The foreman and the others cost too much gold for those who cannot get gold to speed up the game. I have suggested that each player be granted one gold for each hour they are online in the game. These can be cumulative or per time online. In addition gold and not resources can be given for achieving certain levels. Inactivity either in chats or build would not count toward time credit. No matter which direction you go, it does provide incentive to be in game.

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