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£England 10-17-2009 06:18 AM

A Beginners Guide on How to Play Dark Age Wars
Helpful hints for New Players

Screen Layout:

The first thing you will see is the inside of your territory, this is the main game area and is also the
main map. To access the main map, click the circular arrow in the bottom right icon box.
A Small Grey Map Icon will appear, click this, and you will now be looking at the outside of your
territory on the main map.

In the bottom left corner of the game screen is a small map, this is the WORLD MAP. You
can click on this one to explore the rest of the game map and locate friends and enemies. On this map,
your Capitol territory, and any others you control will show as GREEN DOTS. If you are a member of an
Alliance, you can right click this map, and your Alliance members territories will appear as ORANGE DOTS.

To the right of the World Map is an information screen, this gives you information on each building,
army troop and territory as you click on them.

To the right of this is the MENU BOARD, here is where you select buildings to build or upgrade, and
recruit army troops.

Above the Menu Board is the CHAT WINDOW. I think we all know how this works.

Above the chat window is a BAR GRAPH. This tells you how well developed yours and your enemies territory is.
It can be helpful in determining whether or not you are prepared to attack a territory.

Above this graph is a small window that lists the current location you are at. If you control more than one territory,
you can use the fancy arrows on the left or right of the window to navigate around your territories easily.
Clicking th right arrow takes you to the next nearest territory to the EAST of you, the left arrow
takes you to the next nearest to the West.

Above this are 4 icons. The first one a CROWN is your Alliance, here you can create and see the other members
of your Alliance as long as you are a member of one.

The second icon is your EMAIL for ingame messages. This will be highlighted when you have new mail.

The third icon is your BATTLE REPORTS. Here you can check the progress of any battle you are currently fighting, and also
past battles to see how you fared against your enemies.

The last icon is your PERSONAL SETTINGS/STATISTICS. Clicking this will pop up a window that will allow
you to change your email, password and also your Capitol Territory should you decide to do so.
You can also check your STATISTICS here and see just how well you are doing.

Above these are 4 Icons of ADVISERS. These can be purchased for Gold and will allow you to progress faster through the game, and also
increase resource rate growth and Morale and such. To get Gold, you have to purchase this with Real Money. This
can be done by clicking the "Get Coins" icon just above the main map.

I've listed here some helpful information on what the new player should do to get established in the game.
The most important thing at the start, is to follow the Kings instructions.
This will help you to get started on the right foot, and will also earn you your first Achievement.

DAW is not only about attacking and taking over enemy territories, it is also about earning Achievements
that increase your rank in the game. As the game has a set time-line, and comes to an end every 3 months.
Achievements will help you to win the game.

Once you have done everything the King has asked of you, you will be ready to start attacking other territories
to gain experience and much needed resources.

Resources are needed to be able to build and upgrade buildings, and also recruit army troops.

If you look just below the main map, you will see 4 icons with numbers beside them, these are your resources.
The first one is your FOOD, this is actually the amount of food your army requires to stay healthy.
As you increase the size and number of Farms, the food goes up, and your army can grow.

The second one is IRON, and this amount can be increased by building an Iron mine and upgrading to a Steal Mill.

The third one is STONE, and is increased by building a Quarry and upgrading it the same as the Iron mine.

The forth is WOOD, again to increase this, you must build Lumber Camp and upgrade it as well.

The other buildings required to be built can only be built on the red flags. Some can only be built after others are built and upgraded
to a set level. As you build and upgrade, the look of your territory will change from a small village
looking site, to a Castle, then a Fortress with plush plantation all around.

You can also build and upgrade a wall to help protect your territory from enemy attacks. This can only be
built on the Blue Flag. Keep in mind, that the wall can be destroyed by an attacking army if they have Siege
Equipment with them. The bigger the wall thought, the more siege equipment needed to take it down faster.

As you build the Barracks, Stables and Workshop, you will be able to RECRUIT different types of troops in each one.
With each upgrade of these buildings allows more types of troops to be recruited.
To recruit, you just click on the desired building, and a menu will pop up on the lower right
of the game screen. There will be an Icon of a KNIGHTS Head, click this, and the menu will change to
show you the available units that can be recruited at the upgrade stage you are at.

Once the troops have been recruited, they are placed in your Manor/Castle/Fortress and can be accessed by
clicking the Manor/Castle/Fortress and a SHIELD with CROSSED SWORDS will appear in the menu board.
Click this Shield, and a pop up will appear over the main map. Here you will see on the right side
of the pop up the units you recruited. If you click them, they move from the right side to the left,
you have just moved them from the Available Units to the ARMY and can now be sent on attacks.

So that's the basics of the game.

I will post more over the next few days

£England 10-17-2009 06:50 PM

I seem to have not mentioned just how you go about attacking another territory.

What you need to do to attack, is have some of your troops on the LEFT side of the Army/Available Troops pop up. These are the ones that are able to be sent into battle.

Once you have done this, you want to find an opponent on the map to attack. There are Rebel held territories as well as other player held territories. To attack any one of these, you just click on the territory and in the Menu window, a Icon of 2 Crossed Swords will appear.

Click on this icon, and another window will pop up over the main map. This will show you all the territories that you presently have armies in, the size of the army, the health of the armies, and the time it will take for your army to travel to the location you desire to attack.

In most cases you will want to choose the army that is the closest, to limit the time it is before you start seeing Battle Reports. You may also choose the largest army, either way, whichever one you choose, you click the "Send Army" button and they will be on their way.

Once the army reaches the destination, they will start fighting and 5 minutes later you will start getting battle reports. These will renew and update every 5 minutes.

Should you be losing the battle and wish to retreat back to your territory, you have to recall your army. You do this by clicking the Armies tab, and you will see the army "Fighting" to the right you will see the "Recall" just click this, and then click confirm.

King Athon 11-02-2009 12:12 PM

I can't atack other palyer's... i don't see the crossed swords...

Dark One 11-06-2009 02:07 PM

How do you move troops to the left side of the management screen?

kingofrpgs 11-06-2009 02:40 PM

if u dont see the crwossed swords there under protection and in army manegment just click on them they will then move to the left side

mobin 12-10-2009 02:42 AM

can we heal the injured units
hi is there any way to heal the injured units who gain experience and get promoted to officers

£England 12-10-2009 03:20 AM

yes, you click on the Barracks/Garrison and you can move the injured to the left side of the window. Click the button and they heal.

bheem 12-10-2009 06:17 AM


Originally Posted by Dark One (Post 347)
How do you move troops to the left side of the management screen?

just click on the army in right side, it will send it to left side :)

felixor 12-12-2009 12:04 AM

picking servers
hi im on beta 2 server and my friends want to join me but he only get server 1 how can he change to beta 2 server?

£England 12-12-2009 10:39 PM

I did not know there was a beta 2 server....

But you can quite a server when you first log in, just click the "Quit" button. The only problem is, is that if their achievements have moved them up to a certaian level, then they will not be able to join server 1.

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