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barbosaadmin 04-28-2012 12:10 AM

April 26 Update
World Map
- You can now click and drag yourself around the world map. This should make it quicker to get around the map. This feature has been long overdue.

- Trading will now require time to complete. When you trade there will be a time factor depending on the distance between the two cities. This is similar to how army movement works.
- If you have the Military General adivisor you can now see a trade screen tab within your overviews. This trade overview will show you all active trades and information pertaining to them. You can also choose to speed up trades for gold.

- We have added a 4 group of building level for most buildings. You can see the new buildings on the building page.

Building levels
- We have added additional building levels. Some buildings now have certain benefits each time you upgrade:
Castle - for every level you upgrade your castle the construction times on all buildings will get reduced by a percentage. If a building such as the large lumber camp typically takes 2 hours to build and upgrading your castle a level reduces the building time by 20% the lumber camp will now take 1 hour and 36 minutes to build instead of 2 hours.
Barracks, stables and blacksmith - for every level you build the construction time of the units will decrease

Food caps
- The food caps for each city have been increased to 728

Warehouse capacity
- The max warehouse capacity has been increased to 33135

Construction times
- We have lengthened some of the construction times. This is to slow down the building process. Previously players could build very fast and accumulate new territories very fast. We feel and from what our data shows this decreases the general longevity of the game for most. Since we are trying to improve the growth of DarkAgeWars we wanted to try opening a beta server with longer build times.

We understand that some of our most proficient and loyal players like quicker style of play so we are considering opening another server with shorter build times that are maybe 2-3x shorter. The additional levels of buildings would stay however. We ask the players to give the longer build times a chance.

In addition we will be introducing new opportunities to receive free gold each day. We will work on implementing this very soon. This may make up for the longer build times as players can cut the times in half for free.

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