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Cool Some Game Conventions

Greetings Lords and Ladies of DAWland,

Time for yet another moderator musing. This one has to do with some average/normative conventions for the game. None of this is any sort of game "law" and is only really my "take" on what is the normal things players can expect in the game.

1. If you want to build without being attacked - stay under five (5) cities.

If you build more than that it is like running a battle flag up the flag pole and says "come and get me." And the reason is pretty obvious - the game awards - such as they are - have to do with honor points and that has to do with the number of cities you own. So if you expect to win a game award by having the most honor without fighting for it - you are likely going to be very disappointed. Other players - willing to fight for cities - will take your cities to help themselves. This is a wargame and that is just the way it is.

2. No matter what size you are - if you attack someone - expect a response.

Personally, if you even scout me - I consider that an unfriendly act and I usually will take one of your cities just on principle. But regardless of someone's response threshold... if you don't want to be attacked - don't attack someone else.

3. Alliances rely on team work - generally if you attack someone expect their whole alliance to come after you.

It has never made any sense to me to be in an alliance and then try to do 1P v 1P fights. And if you find yourself getting hammered 10 to 1 then the first question you should ask yourself is - why am I in such a crummy alliance? rather than getting mad because you are getting tag teamed. Key is - find 9 other players who want to play the game the way you do and help each other and learn how to defend each other.

4. Don't take it personally! If you get clobbered this round - put a check mark by some names and get even next round or...

I have been on all sides of this issue myself. I have been one-citied (several times in fact) and have taken top spot (again several times). Some of the craziest rounds I have ever had was when I decided to actually join with some of my tormentors from the previous round to form a new alliance. End result was a new set of friends and a very strange twist on the game dynamics.

5. Don't bother whining. Probably no one is listening and...

In the history of the game - the original top players would tag team killing whiners in the days when you could even lose your capitol. The more you whined - the more often you got to restart the game round. Not saying that would happen in our game world of today but... food for thought.

And that ends what is probably my most controversial musing to-date. As always, responses are welcomed - ranting is not

Regards - JR - Game Moderator

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