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I have a 5 day ban for exercising my freedom of speech. RRRayuder banned me. Are we not Americans? Also, there are no posted rules on being anti homosexual. Thats the reason I was banned. I thought we were all Americans and have the right to free speech. Is that not allowed here? Please reinstate me and allow free speech. I have kingdoms to take. LOL I spend money on this game and feel very disrespected that I was given a ban.

Originally Posted by HostMaster View Post
These are the rules for DAW. All players are expected to adhere to these rules.

1. One Account Per Player

Each player is allowed only one account. Each account can join and be a part of multiple active game servers at any one time.

2. Players Sharing an Internet Connection

There are only three (3) accounts allowed per IP address, and each account must be owned by a different person.

3. Bashing

Player territories do not have a limit as to how many times they can be attacked. Attacking in game is fair play and cannot be deemed harassment.

4. Account Sitting

There is no account sitting allowed. You should never give your login details to anyone else to play for you.

5. General Player Conduct

The use of profanity, sexual and racial slurs, obscene, harassing, or otherwise offensive language in usernames, alliance names, in-game mail, chat, the forums, private messages, signatures, etc. is not permitted. Threats of physical, emotional, or financial harm are not permitted.

6. Selling and Buying of Accounts and In-game Items

Players are not allowed to sell accounts for commercial purposes or for premium currency. Resources or items cannot be traded for commercial gain.

7. Bugs and Errors

Players who take advantage of bugs or exploits will be permanently banned. If a bug is detected, report it immediately.

8. Bots and Scripts

The game is to be played only in a browser. Now browser add-ons or applications that automate game activities are permitted. Off site tools are allowed as long as they don't collect information from player accounts. If you are unsure whether a tool is appropriate, please submit a ticket.

9. Account Deletion & Banning

Accounts are deleted 14 days after inactivity. Accounts that have a premium currency balance and which are inactive are not subject to this rule, and will not deleted.

10. Language

English is the only language to be used within the general chat and the forum. This is because it is the only languaged understood by the Dark Age War's team. Personal mails between players can be done in in another language. Alliance forums can be have multi language forums. Keep all other areas in English. If you wish to use the chat and speak a language other than English do so over PM.

11. Pushing accounts

Playing an account to purely benefit another is against the rules. This included, sending resources, attacking.
Every account MUST be played for it's own benefit.

12. Changes in Rules

Rules can be changed at any time and players are expected to obey the rules. Failure to comply with the rules will lead to the banning of your account.
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