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Greetings Jack/DBC

The new server for each world is spun up fresh each time... so there are several technical points where things can go wrong. In this case, the automatic startup sequence failed, the game dev was sick and didn't catch it right away and that is why we are several days down the pike from the originally published startup date.

The reason servers are not overlapped anymore has to do with more than anything a cost consideration that while two servers are up - each with its own game world - the owner is paying for two servers. It also tends to make both servers slower :-( Oh and the human element of having a game moderator and game dev trying to pay attention across two servers. He asked me, I said I would prefer to only deal with one-at-a-time and there you have it. Maybe not some dramatic set of reasons but... in my experience the truth is rarely dramatic - it just is ;-)

Regards JR - Game Moderator
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