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Default Just a note...

Because so many seem to be confused as to what JR and I actually DO here, I'm going to attempt to clear it up a little here:

JR and I are here to enforce the rules, to be a help to players when needed, and to be a sort of go-between between Admin/Dev and the players. Because we actively play, we are in the unique position of being able to accurately convey player concerns and frustrations to the dev and admin. We face those same exact issues, so we GET it. And the same rules and standards apply to us as all other players. We get no special privileges or treatment. If we are wrong, The Powers That Be are happy to tell us. If we DO wrong, again, they are more than happy to deal with us.

To sum it up: We work WITH the admin and dev to improve the game, but we ourselves are not the admin or dev.

Hope this helps!
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