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Greetings Everyone,

So reading this note I realized that the "troop mix" people are using here is from before the combat system was reprogrammed.

New guidelines... that probably everyone will have some other take on ;-)

As soon as I can build light cav I send out a raiding force of 7-10 units of them... they are cheap to build so you can lose a bunch and still make a net gain from raiding. AS I am able to build better cav units... I add two each of each new unit and generally end with a raiding force of 4 lt cav, 2 heavy cav, 2 knights and 2 royal cav.

This is a very robust and capable force and it generally survives nearly any sort of rebel city defense. Usually the losses are just the lt cav units and again, they are the cheapest unit to replace in the game.

Hope this helps and gives new guidance to players wonder how to deal with combat and raiding for resources.

Regards JR - Game Moderator
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