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Hello Smithy, I miss chatting with you my friend. I would like to make the following suggestion. I know you are very fond of chat to keep in touch with your friends. but, you may need to consider a back up plan. I am "facebook" friends with a few DAW players, who communicate when DAW is down. I know some people are weiry of starting a facebook page do to privacy issues. I suggest you start a facebook page as your video game persona as Simthy (or your real persona, if you like) you can create what ever information you want...then send friend requests to others who have real facebook personas (like me) or those who have gamer personas...this way always have a means for chat, you can't rely on this game forever...who knows maybe you would enjoy that more?

your friend Charles116......and yes, JR is full of Blarney.....LOLOLOLOL
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