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This is what I see wrong with the new battle system. 1. It will allow those that just wish to build and build, like Dohold last round and not have to fight anyone because they can constantly decline the declaration of war. 2. Many will not want to accept it because they are probably to weak in military strength to hold up against some pleayers so those wanting to go to war will have no chance to. 3. For the WIN to become the winner of the game, all two people would have to do is agree to just hit each other for a specific time frame without taking cities and just killing troops. At the end of the time frame who ever has the most wins would come out on top of the whole game and not have done anything but win a few battles.

At the present time we have around 20 people that are active here, but out of those twenty some are not even trying to build up, as they don't like the new battle system and just want to be here to talk. Others are new to the game and are in Training Alliances so are protected against being attacked, though they still would be if the just decline the delaration of War. Only a few of us have strived to build and prepare for something that probably will not happen. Some of us are getting bored with just building. There is no incentive to really continue to build since the game now is only won by who ever has the most wins in battle.

I think some people will either stop building, stop playing, or just quite the game all together. I know that the bugs that are messing some things up are a pain and that they are being worked on. But for those wanting to have some excitment, the way the game is now set up prevents that all together.

The declaration of war I know was to help new people from being taken advantage of, but it is hindering those that want a war game and to fight each other. The expectations of when you come on line to check on your little empire, to see if you were attacked, lost cities or what is no longer there. The excitement for the game has been lost totally.

If people wanted to just build then the Training alliances would be the route to go and not the declaration of war as well. Having both stifles the game completely.
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