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It does not seem like Admin looks at the Chat unless they want something, nor do they seem to check the Forum that often as evident in the many posts that have to have other players answering. Nor does it seem they pay attention to the New Bug Report system on the game when that is working. Nor do they play, except the Mods. If they actually played the game, built up a city, attacked reb cities, they would see the problems first hand.

Problems with Admin I have seen: Lack of communications: In put made by players on bugs but no reply to the problems brought up. When they show on the chat as being on, they rarely answer or communicate with the players. No updates on Bug Reporting. When players submit the bug reports on the forum rarely is it answered and then there is no update on what they are doing about it. The Mods come on and say that Admin is aware of the problem and is working on it, but they don't say anything on how long it might be till it is fixed, or anything until it is finally done. Then they put out a message to all saying that this or that has been fixed. Then there is the follow up on the problem. They say it is fixed, and then people start complaining that it hasn't been and nothing seems to be done.

Like you have noticed that the bug for Reb Troops was effecting the other Beta and this one, for over two months maybe more. The regeneration of resources the same amount of time. Then the cities owned vs cities that can be taken. How long has that been going on?

To me they should just go back to the basic game, when there were not all these bugs and just leave it there. If they want to improve the game, do it on another server and have them play it and see what bugs pop up, or have a select few play it and help work out the bugs with out making it miserable for everyone that wants to play.
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