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Yep only a few more hours and this round will be over and probably the game itself. Most of the old players are gone and won't be back. Charles, Smithy might but to what end. Only new players will be around and if they have the same system as this round then there will be nothing for any one to do but build. Change the name of the game to Dark Age Building or Dark Age Farming. No battles among players, no wars, only those that want to build without having to worry about losing their cities.

It was a bad mistake to implement the two new changes. It just encouraged the new players to build and build. Maybe that is what the owner an Dev wanted, so that people would quit the game and they could be done with it. The owner is not making any money off it because no one is buying gold, no advertizement to get gold so no one paying him to advertise. He has to pay for the server he is using and therefore losing money, so why continue the game.
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