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Greetings Martins

If I understood correctly AND my google translate turned it into English correctly, you are asking about how to take another city.

First... you need to build a church up to the level of a Level 1 Cathedral
Second... you must have at least 6100 storage capacity in your market or markets

Third... you build a royal estate
Fourth... you collect 6070 iron 5950 stone and 5975 wood
Fifth... you build a royal heir

Now you need to crown the royal heir - there are many forum posts about crowning a royal heir so I won't go into that particular step...

Sixth... you reduce a rebel or player city to 20% or less loyalty
Seventh... you send a force with your crowned royal heir from the city the heir was born in and take the new city...

Then you build up the new city and do this all over again ;-)

Hopefully this is helpful.

Regards JR - Game Moderator

Note: It would be nice if someone could translate this into Portuguese for Martins.
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