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Greetings Stetson,

So the gold purchase issue is fixed. And the rebel report issue is only partially fixed - to be clear.

Info on the change(s) will be forthcoming as soon as I know what I am writing is 100% correct and accurate. And point in fact, I always share what I know as soon as I am informed about things. My problem with that has been that sometimes I report things that dev is only working on and it takes him longer to solve OR he solves something a different way.

And there have been multiple data points for players requesting the changes that are now being put in place. Will the "new" system work? I haven't the foggiest idea but the game the way it was last round was just plain broken. At least the game owner and game dev have been willing to give something new a try. We will have to see IF it addresses the basic problems of the game or not. If it does, great, and if it doesn't we try something else.

Regards JR - Game Moderator
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