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Originally Posted by Marianne View Post
To the game and its players, I thank you for welcoming me and treating me as an equal right from the start. I have played games where new players are simply squashed at the first opportunity. This is not like that. There is a feeling of family... sometimes like a dysfunctional family but a family nevertheless.

I was fortunate and fell in with an alliance of teachers and fighters. I learned and learned and was still learning from an adversary on the last day of the server. The rewards are there and if you want to play, there are some very good teachers here who will help.

Players will come and go and if we cross paths again, I hope that we can either ally together or fight like warriors but always in good fun.

You were like a sponge when you first joined us. I like to think I had a small impact on your success. I'm super impressed that you did what you did spending zero gold.

In the future I would rather not fight you, but if it that happens. I'm happy that it will always be about the game and nothing personal. You were my 'Goose' this server as Ixy was busy working so much. "my wing man/woman"

If we were at war I would always wait till the day shift clocked in.

Thanks for playing, we need more players like you.
Take care
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