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Greetings Fellow Lords and Ladies of DAWland

So I have been playing DAW for a LONG time and have been the moderator for five years now... I am taking World 10 as a "sabbatical" and won't be playing the game competitively. I will continue to hang in chat - help new players and the like and will also continue with most of my moderator duties.

Of course, some of you will want to know the "real" reason for my decision... ROFL... I am under no obligation to tell you anything But I will be starting a column in the Forums called "Moderators Musings" that you will find interesting and informative. My hope is to point out the issues that I feel distract from DAW being the very best game of its type anywhere on the net. Some of it is tactical, some of it is technical and a few of you may take some of it as personal lol.

My other goal during my "time off" is to try to get the almost finished game wiki restored and reloaded. The prior game developer should have been drawn and quartered for taking it down and then to LOSE the content is just beyond the pale. Fortunately our new dev is very responsible and is helping search-out where the content may have ended up.

I am not gone! I will be around. But I will be taking a break Enjoy DAW World 10 and see you around.

Regards JR - Game Moderator
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