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Default Store Items

I bought 8 50 percent build reduction time items, one 60 percent build item and one instant build item and they did not work. Found out that there was something wrong with them from JR and they were soon taken away but I was never reimbursed for them. The I bought two Royal relocation items and now they have taken them away with out any message or reason why they did and I have not been reimbursed for them.

They had the item in the store and others bought this particular item and used them to move their cities to be near the strongholds. Now they have taken them away from those that bought them. I think they should either return the items that were bought or move everyone that has used this item to move their cities back to where they originally were located.

Has anyone else had this happen to them. Does this seam fair to those that bought the item in good faith and not be told that they were going to be taken from them, and not reimbursed.

What say everyone about having these people that used this item have their cities returned to where they originally started at?
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I dont think it would help moving them back, everyones already had time to put citys down where they moved to. Its just another beta that opened without actually being ready to open
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but it is nice to know theve been removed from peoples inventorys, I was picturing another beta of people useing them as troop transports, but they should return the gold
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Apparently the gold was restored in all cases except where someone was using their gold at the exact moment the restore was issued... and I have since restored that gold too.

Regards JR - Game Moderator
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