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Defending and attacking from a new guys view...(WIP)
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Old 01-02-2010, 02:23 PM
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Default Defending and attacking from a new guys view...(WIP)

...Ok well this is me just posting alittle helpfull things for NEW PEOPLE. Not all you older members, who are going to go. Ah do this and this and this. This is something I thought of and what not...
Ok well what I suggest for this is...well dont worry to much about it near the start of joining this game. Reason being is you have yet to piss people off... note the word yet... Ok dont go spending all this wood iron and stone building the walls or a lot of major units. Put all that back into building stuff for your city. And once your city has well been maxed out for the most part. Thats when you start to build the walls, then units..
(From what I read, when building units, always leave a few at your town archers might be the best for towns. Reason is well the walls... Im not to sure though as well doesnt really say a lot about it...)

When getting attacked and their first wave fails...
Well let me put it like this... Most people favor one type of unit, be it a knight, archer, ect. You might beable to tell from the battle report. So what I suggest is, build units that counter them. Such as the cavalry, build Pikemen (You most likely will want a good amount of those) But dont just build only pikemen. Build a mix of units, but you might want more pikemen then the others. IF all else fails and you go into a fourth wave, I suggest you turn on the attack....

New people...Meaning people who have not played for over two days....dont bother attacking anything or anyone... you will fail...

Ok well the first time I attacked an NPC on my own free will...well I got wtf pwned.... I sent out say about 3 units of cavalry, LIGHT cavalry...(Thats what 120 over all units?) I met a group of rebs that had 5 pike men, 1 elite pikemen, 2 knights, 2 archers, 1 elite archer, and two units of heavy infantry...In short I lost.... So I suggest you scout!

Scouting (Not tested)

Ok well this is the basic idea behind it. Build up a good sized amount of cheap units, and send them at the place you wish to take over. If all goes well you will get info on what units it has. This will let you choose what units to send into counter them. As said if it has cavalry send in pikemen ect. (as said not test to see if units change after one attack, Most likely they do, or the change after a day or so.)

Attacking a player...Ok

Well dont judge a book by its cover....Well this can be true in some cases but if it looks like a new player it most likely is a new player... Ok im not suggesting you go attack new players and F*** up the game for them so they quit. I suggest you watch a city of a new player (that just joined) and if it doesnt look like it changes for a day or two....attack it...they most likely lost all hope in the game and are just takeing up space...

Attacking semi older members....

OK first off dont go messing with the big dogs of the server unless you think you can handle them....and if so your most likely one of the big dogs yourself... But for people like me with one city... Attack other people city or maybe two....I suggest just people with one city....

Units....Well your going to need a varrying amount of units, Most of the time its going to be a lot of them...
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Old 01-20-2010, 12:25 AM
jacobdude jacobdude is offline
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what happens when your city looses and its destroyed???
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Old 07-18-2010, 01:50 PM
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Default Scouting

Sending cheap units will only work if the territory you are looking at doesn't have any walls. If it foes, the unit will just come back. You need to send a seige unit to destroy the walls before your cheap unit can get creamed. At least that way you get to know what you are up against.
"This age too .... will pass"
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Old 01-26-2011, 10:56 PM
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ok,i attack a place held by rebels,and i take a heir with me,now ive newly acquired this heir,when do i know,and how do i know when and how to take over that land,ive attacked many yet only receive loot apon victory,,,,,,,,,,heip!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 02-09-2011, 07:42 AM
AhrimanZora AhrimanZora is offline
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Scouting: use militia 2 iron 2 wood
Archers: only defend walls when they are dumb enough to siege with tier 1/2 artillery.
NPC: The less units you send, the more exp your heir gets. Therefore, only send the best.
PvP is not possible against your capital unless you are surrounded. Therefore, simply just kill off your units. A balanced approach is good vs NPC (some of everything) and then you can experiment later. PvP there is no single thing that works best, because then people would do the rock paper scissors counter. Pike kill cav kill arch kill sword kill pike...

Right click units to get their stats. You'll see why early stuff is useless. Feel free to waste your resources when they are full and just attack NPC for fun.
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