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It has been six days since the end of world 12. Nothing has been said on what is going on. Also it has been months since world 12 began with all the problems and nothing has been fixed to allow one to win the game or be punished for not accepting a declaration of war. I think 4 months is long enough to sort things out. I feel right now that there will be no fix for the problems and that probably due to the time it is taking for them to get world 13 up and running, most of the people that actually played will not be returning. I fear the game is totally dead at this time. I hope I am wrong, but the feeling I have says I am not.

The owner, with newbies playing is not making any money because they are not buying gold. The advertisement for gold is not working and hasn't for some time, making it impossible for him to make money that way. Therefore he is losing money by paying for the use of the server the game is on.

The game has sunk from when it had good players that enjoyed the game to only a very few if any, and from one that you could not move around anywhere without running into another player to where you were hours away from the nearest player. With all of this I am wondering if the owner will continue the game or end it.
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Well it has been two weeks now and still there is no word on what is happening or if the game is going to be still alive. It seems no one knows anything as of yet, and JR said that the Dev is not talking to him so I doubt that he has heard anything yet on that path. Don't know if he still has contact with the owner and what his plans are for the game. But as of right now, it seems I was right and this game is totally dead now. No one seems to be posting anything here as well, asking if there is any word or anything. The longer the site is down the more people will be lost and of course any new people as well.
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Greetings LD and all,

No, I have not had any definite word on a new game round and yes I have been in contact with the game owner. I can only tell you what I know but it certainly seems the intention is to get the game back up.

Regards JR - Game Moderator
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Default Game Status

Basically what you are saying JR, is "When you know, you'll let us know"
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Question Are You Ready ?

Well, are you.... ?
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end date, round 12

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