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Default Start: how to do!

When you begin (the first few days) you need a few important things. First is wood. You should quickly build two or even three luber yards and get them upgraded further. This will help you produce things while you're online. Second, you need a warehouse! When you log off, your resources will stockpile, and when you log back in again, you'll be able to use them. So you need a lvl 3 warehouse when you log out the first time, to ensure that you have the most resources you can when you log in. Doing this, you can get a quick boost when you log in the second time.


Second, upgrades! Upgrade your manor into a castle asap, which means if you opted to build 3 lumber yards, you'll need to deconstruct one to build a farm. Once you have a manor, upgrade your warehouse, your lumber yard(s) and your stone and iron production also. Around this time, you should also start building up your barracks, but not troops yet.

When you start, you have 5 days of newbie protection. Use them. Upgrade your buildings so that you can have quick resource production, and can produce the elite units. The first units you really produce should be crossbowmen or longbowmen, and you need walls for them too, so build up your walls to improve your defense. Remember, as long as the enemy can't get into your city, they can't win.

Upgrading your resources is your first concer, then your structures, then defenses as you get closer to coming out of noob protection, and lastly you should focus on your offensive army. Start with Royal Calvary to attack, they're vastly overpowering and do well against all types of soldiers. Templar Knights are also good. These units cost more but it's entirely worth it, especially once they earn some experience and level up.

Once you've done this stuff, you should be stable, and then able to experiment some, and decide on what works best for you.
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Ok!!!! i am back agian folks........
what do i send in with my siege weapons ect.....???????
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Smile HI

What should i do with that extra space.. next to the steel mine..i already have a big market place?

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you also need a quarry for stone
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Default Destroying Units???

I have a Question, when you destroy units, will that give you same amount to train again?
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