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Default battle simulater

if there was a battle simulator, then players could put in their army numbers in terms of troop types/numbers etc, enter in their opponents, and a mock battle could take place to let attackers or defenders know what to send for the attack or ensure they have in their city to stave off an attack. This would work well if spies were introduced into the game so you would have this information to hand. I think that spies should only be allowed to see inside a city and kill/be killed by other spies, they could be recruited either as troops are through the barracks, or as a higher troop type recruited through say the royal estate.
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then why learn how to attack or defend? if the simulator going to do it all for you??
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or since they are so worrieed about loosing money it could come from the monument
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i like the would give the player strategy ideas (give you an idea of what you are up against and tells you what troops to send virtually) and the spy idea would let you know what you are up against in the first place

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better give more food if introducing more troops
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Default Ye i like the idea 2

Ye i like the idea 2
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I agree too. A battle simulator is useful and necessary.
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I am working on one. the mechanics are fairly rudimentary with a couple twists not in the manual or posted anywhere on these less-than-helpful forums.
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Default Bump.

Bump: .... seems this topic slowly die... like many troops in pitiful attacks.

A simulator would be a good idea. Simulators are never 100% accurate. But I think they help people to understand what types and numbers of troops to send.

I have played only a few days. I have attacked twice and died quickly.

All I had was excited farmers and a few bowmen...

My opinion; ( I will test this.) I reckon if you attack with 1500 troops, 750 have to be Siege Weapons....

Anyone know anything about a Simulator ? ....
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Greetings Bauhaus,

Generally the best config for attacking rebels is 7-10 cav units. Most of the time a 10 unit light cav army will kill off a defending rebel army and let you raid the village. And light cav are one of the cheapest units around. Siege is totally unnecessary when attacking rebels - no walls = no need for siege stuff.

Hope this helps a bit.

And "yes" the idea of a battle simulator has floated from time to time. With other issue to deal with the game dev has not procured the famous "round tuit"

Regards JR - Game Moderator
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