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fudd u need to add heir to army

gordan heirs dont fight they gain xp based of adverage numer of kills in your army at th end of battle high number of troops = low xp low number of troops = high xp
got a msg just go here

un verdadeiro rei da morte T duine nach bhfuil cram aimsir s ag mar n maraodh поклоняется ни Бога, ни дьявола toda obouje tudi ivljenje in smrt 地球と自然との友人である og veit hva a satt tilgang lfinu er hvis u kanne oversette wat dette er og enig i det og legge det i signaturen din
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Ahh, OK, I get it, as far as number of troops vs XP's.
I've always been sending heirs with my armies, but I guess my armies have been large.
I'll try not sending as many in.
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same problem. i'm finding this game to be quite pointless....
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Revictorio, you sould send scouting troops to discover what they have, like some militia and a ram. Then you can see the battle report and discover what they have, and then use the rock-papers-scissors style in this game for your advantage. Like this:

Pikemen kill Cavalry kill Archers kill Swordsmen kill Pikemen.

Plus, the rebels have really powerful light cavalry.
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Heir crowned, rebels wiped out and nothing happened, just get loot and army come back? What Im doing wrong?
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