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End Game combat = Hide the pea
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Old 02-09-2011, 07:59 AM
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Default End Game combat = Hide the pea

The food limit is now 7000. This gives you about 20-25k troops depending on what you build. Knights are probably your best HP per food, 40 troops for 8 food. that is 35k troops if you build nothing but Knights, and you'll simply lose. 20-25k is practical, 17k is minimum. At 20 cities, you've hit the 7000 food. You can stand to lose a few, and still have 7k food, how many depends on how you build.

Each city at 7k food can have approximately 1000 troops. An attack can easily merge some armies and attack with 5000 troops and have minimal losses even with all the cathedral wall and monument upgrades. An alternate tactic is to have a few big armies and a lot of little ones designed to hold off minor invasions. This big army becomes the "pea". Your attacker will probably send siege weapons scouting followed by a big army. This is his "pea".

Both of you now engage in a little game called "find the pea in the nut". The more cities, the more nuts the pea can hide in. It is possible to hedge as a defender by spreading out your troops. This should be done, otherwise a wall crush = instant win for attacker and you're out a city. That's the attacker's goal, simply not fight but still get cities that are worth something. Personally, I like to kill troops and destroy food supplies to the point where my hedge = formidable and the player now quits the game.

Sadly, if the hedge is substantial you're still not able to defend 20 cities, let alone the cap of 50. There is no way. The hedge for 50 cities is now 400 troops per city and you have no army to move around. If you make it 200 troops per city, then you get 10k army, but a 200 troop hedge is... completely pointless.

Now we play a double game of hide the pea. There is no point. Defense is not possible. 2 attackers can simply overwhelm all but the strongest defense. When they do encounter a strong defense, they recall their troops and one of their other attacks gets through. Clicking recruit in 2-3 towns replaces their losses.

*edit* I forgot the best part! Whoever stays online longest wins! When they can't move the pea, you have a victory.

Here are my proposals to fix this so the game has *some* kind of point.
#0 walls should still permit combat. If they have very very long range artillery to counter your long range bow, your very very long range artillery should still be able to kill theirs. Walls are stupid ludicrous insanely bad in this game. Until the wall is down, HIDE THE UNITS BEHIND IT THAT CANT FIGHT.
#1 limit the number of units to 11 or 17 per heir. The heir can be crowned or not.
#2 Allow recall to be possible but give it a "next battle" delay so they can't just escape with silly small losses even when faced with a huge army.
#3 Raise the food limit to 50k. Allow a max force of 2-3x this city's food capacity so there isn't a force of 20k sitting in a town with 1 farm.
#4 The resource rates are stupid. You can rebuild your entire 20-25k army in 1-2 days. Resources have no meaning except when you're pounding out pure Royal Cav, in which case the only thing you want is iron.
#5 My big reward for taking over a famous city = 3 markets? You have got to be kidding me. I know this allows a 10th heir, but ... 3 markets?
#6 Don't allow Capitals to be switched before combat has fully engaged.
#7 (May require a ton of changes) allow ally defense via a Reinforce action. It could be time limited like 30 min, but it would allow some sort of cooperation. Right now the only reason to be in an alliance is potential clout, but it doesn't work. All advantage to the attacker since... you're really playing hide the pea and not war.

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Old 02-09-2011, 01:01 PM
God_of_Death_187 God_of_Death_187 is offline
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Default Food and Reinforcements

Yeah right now the game has a few more bugs in it then your aloud army's if its a war game then let us fight not try to defend a city once someone attacks you, even in THE DARK AGES city's had a lot better defense's then what this games lets you have, if you put archers are on the wall fighting for you let them be, every time someone sends a siege weapon unit and 1 royal cav at me they tear down my fortified walls and loot me, that make no since's to me at all, why not just have someone run them out the product and save the 3 days you just burnt building lv 3 fortified walls... someone needs to man up and help city's out with the defense's

If you say archers are so post to go on the wall as the 1st wave of defense let them and if you don't know how let us assign units just to wall defense and let LongBowMen hit every kind of siege equipment that comes at us.. why not let someone once they get to fortified wall lv 1 have 20 slots for archers, lv 2 40 slots for archers and lv 3 80 slots for archers so the time we spent building the wall doesnt go down the drain in a 1 siege equipment attack
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