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Default Regroup armies after conquering cities?

When I conquer a city, the crowned heir disappears from the army in that city. (I understand that but still wonder if it is somehow related to my question.) The remaining army which captured the city is now "stationed" in that city which is typically woefully behind in upgrading buildings, etc. I want to be able to leave some of the troops there but SOME of them I would like to be able to "regroup" with another force from my capitol city where I can retrain and replace troops. Is that in the game or is that something that I need to request be put into the game?
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Greetings Tamu,

In the Royal Manor/Castle transfer the troops you want to keep stationed in the city into the reserve area and the troops that are still in the army area of the display you can then "move" back to your capitol city (or any other city you control). The move icon appears in map view when you click on one of your cities.

Hope this helps.

Regards JR - Game Moderator
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