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Default Ongoing Chat Issues

Hello there, apparently chat is not working again. It was working a few hours ago, but now as of this posting it is not working again. I know that I was told it was being taken care of but this is kind of silly that chat keeps going on the fritz on a regular basis now.
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Greetings Smithy,

Well, silly or not, chat does keep going down. There is some issue or combination of issues that likely account for it and the dev has not found exactly what the combination of issues are that are causing the problem. When he does find it, chat will be fixed. Until then, we will probably continue to have problems.

Would be nice if everything in the game could be solved immediately and completely but that is not the way web-based software works these days... that is why we have even seen Google Cloud Services go down in the last few months and stay down for several hours.

Regards JR - Game Moderator
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