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Not sure about monks but Spies For sure
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I think that this plan has rejected. The first posting posted three years ago, in November 2010.

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it was rejected and i vote for spies
and why didn't anyone tell me

the amazing used too be banned Kaiser Randall

i think it is but tomorrow may rain so i will go
yes this Kaiser was banned
all because
"I'm a writer, not a fighter" (hehe a song )

i know i know i just want that feel good feeling
is there a doctor in the house??? wait no doctor !!! well looks like nothing is going to get better for me.

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I know that in other games of this type ,the spy units only gave you info on building levels res levels and troop amount.The way to kill them would be of course other spy's. but to be fair to the beginner players make the academy where they are could even do a quest that might give you a few.As far as the other units i think that they should only be able to be produced after the heir,and maybe send them with the heir to take a city over like one per heir to protect and to temporarily lower the loyalty until either you win or leave the city.That way they wont be used to "bomb" a city into submission .
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So, Did they make it into World 2?
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