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Exclamation [FIXED] alliance description bug

the alliance description problem is when you update it anew it wont update or save. there for you cant change it so this should be fixed.
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Default alliance description update

When I tried to update the profile description for the AOL alliance profile, It would not update, but would keep the original description. I also had another member of AOL alliance try to change it after i gave the member the leader position; And the same problem occurred.
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There is a similar problem in the Options and Profiles - Settings tab...

I can't update my e-mail preference to "no" nor can I add or change my profile message.
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Thumbs down Profile message..


i have a same probleme!
I can't save my profile message on my Real profile personal, and i can't save to my Alliance Profile Description!?

This problem would be resolve?
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Old 03-19-2012, 11:29 PM
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This is fixed.
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