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Default Taken Cities vs Slots for Cities

Have reported this on a bug report but has anyone else had a problem with the amount of cities shown taken verse how many slots you have. I have taken two cities and had slots for three. But it says I am 3/3 for cities. I can not take another city now because it say I am at my quota untill I get 12 IPs. Has this happened to anyone else? If it has been reported already what is the status in fixing it?
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Default Influence Bug

Yep, I'm having the same problem. And I have reported it twice. I've been stuck with 2 cities at influence level 3 for quite some time.
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Ive reported it many times with no response
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We're ALL having the same issue. Admin and dev ARE aware and ARE working on it. Have said this before, but apparently I need to repeat it: They can't stop and reply to every single bug report issued. NOTHING would get done if they did. IF they have questions, they will be in contact. If not, they'll be busy working on it.
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I have had the same problem. It was not an issue until not when I am not far from taking a third city. Hopefully they will fix it soon!
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Same issue. Show 4/4 Ips, but I have 3 cities. Hope to see a resolution soon.
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