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Default Suggestion for Game

Under the general, city, it tells you if you have an incomming attack. I would suggest that it also would tell you when the attack will arrive. If you know an attack is comming it is only common sense that one would know about when it would arrive. I would assume that it would be like having spies out for the general gathering info. Therefore one would know when and perhaps even what size force is comming.
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Good suggestion, but it was in the wrong forum. So I moved it for you, LD.
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Like the other post, the watchtower one. You should to make like a watchtower to see how long it will take the incoming army to get to you from afar, and you could send spies to see how many soldiers there are. It would be cool if you could position them in rebel/player cities without them knowing, and if an army is coming from that direction, you could see how many soldiers there are when your spy comes back.
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I like the tower idea. A scouting report with the following intell would be sufficient.

1. Players name
2. Name and coords departing from.
3. Troop types (heavy cav, light inf, etc.)

The strength of your towers should determine how much intell you recieve. I think kwowing the troop count takes the fun out of it.
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Thumbs up

Watchtowers should be present when a General is active.
Should give you the time of the attack not just the number.
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i like the idea but in a way i think it is bad becuase it takes away the suprise of the attack and gives the defender a chance to counter the attack which gives the defender a big advantge when it comes to battle
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