Image Name Description Hit Points Iron Stone Wood Building Time
Militia Militia spearmen are generally sent into battle as fodder to soften up the enemy line for the less expendable units. Farmers by trade, these men are not very well trained in the art of war and can quickly become disoriented on the battle field leaving them vulnerable to the faster moving swordsmen. 1 75 0 65 00:04:00
Elite Militia Elite militia spearmen are effective against lightly armored cavalry, but are very slow when moving in formation. Their lack of formal training can prove disastrous, however their ability to entice cavalry units into the range of more effective spearmen make them a useful addition to the ranks. 2 75 90 85 00:18:00
Pikemen Pikemen are very effective against light cavalry, and can effectively maintain formation against heavier cavalry as well, making themselves smaller targets for swordsmen. Their improved armor and larger shields make them a much more effective offensive unit than militia spearmen. 5 185 145 150 00:30:00
Elite Pikemen Elite pikemen are extremely effective against cavalry, making them a necessity in any battle. Their large shields allow them to deflect cavalry charges and arrows when stationary. However, their heavy armor causes them to advance slowly marking them excellent targets for enemy archers. 10 275 200 235 00:44:00
Infantry Infantry are fast moving and moderately armored, making them the general purpose unit in battle. Their speed allows them to disrupt spearmen formations, beckoning the cavalry to sweep in. Due to their carelessness in pursuing the enemy, however, they become prime targets for archers. 4 60 50 20 00:10:00
Heavy Infantry Heavy infantry are flexible, yet well armored. Their larger swords make quick work of shields, and allow them to penetrate deep into spearmen formations. If they can break through the front line, they will quickly confront archers. 6 80 80 90 00:24:00
Foot Knights Foot knights are extremely fierce fighters, preferring hand to hand combat over hit and run tactics. Their use of a shield as a secondary weapon allows them to quickly dismantle spearmen formations and close in on archers. 6 75 160 160 00:36:00
Templar Knights Templar knights are relentless fighters, and incredibly effective tacticians. They wear the best armor money can buy, making them nearly impervious to head on attacks. They are capable of slicing through enemy formations with ease, however they quickly become targets on the battle field due to the bright red crucifix they wear across their chests. 10 225 275 255 00:44:00
Archers Archers are useful in softening enemy units before they reach the front lines, and will automatically take up position on battlements of any wall in order to better defend the city. Their complete lack of armor make them virtually useless in hand-to-hand combat. Unless they can find cover within a fortification, or behind a shield wall, their lives will end before they have a chance to cause any real damage. 2 25 55 55 00:11:00
Elite Archers Elite archers are very effective in any defensive situation. Their bows have a very limited range, but they carry improved arrows designed to increase bleeding and to penetrate armor. Their light armor means they can be effective on the battle field, but their inability to mix in with other units makes them prime targets for cavalry. 2 75 85 90 00:21:00
Crossbowmen Crossbowmen have an increased rate of fire, and are capable of using heavier weight arrows designed for accuracy and maximum penetration rather than improved distance. This allows them to produce the same rate of fire as traditional archer units with an increased kill rate and only half as many men. 2 160 175 60 00:28:00
Longbowmen Longbowmen are among the most educated and highly trained soldiers. Their understanding of trajectory, velocity, and inertia make them extremely effective in battle. The use of the longbow allows them to strike deep into enemy formations with deadly force. Even the toughest armor cannot hold up against their arrows. 10 235 260 215 00:44:00
Light Cavalry Light cavalry are very effective against archers. Their speed makes them difficult to attack, however a well placed shield wall can quickly envelope the unit, so direct contact with spearmen is to be avoided. 6 20 6 10 00:13:00
Heavy Cavalry Heavy cavalry are well suited to engage archer units, and even some weaker spearmen units. The long sword these warriors carrier allow them to make quick work of unarmored units. 8 85 75 90 00:22:00
Knights Knights are heavily armored, making them a bit slower on the battlefield, however their training and armor improve their survivability. Their horses, like their masters, show no fear even when outnumbered. 10 40 9 15 00:33:00
Royal Cavalry Royal cavalry are the highest trained unit money can buy, and are easily identified in battle. Their lance makes them capable of piercing through shield walls and dismounting other cavalry units. As a backup they also carry a short sword and large shield. 10 245 245 265 00:44:00
Battering Ram Battering rams work great for making entry into a lightly fortified city, if the men can make it all the way to the wall. Since the ram offers virtually no protection, the men operating this unit make easy targets for any archer. 8 175 220 175 00:20:00
Ballista The ballista is capable of destroying gateways. Its long range makes it an ideal solution when enemy archers are an issue. 8 400 330 240 00:45:00
Mangonel The mangonel utilizes a torsion system for propelling large stones at fortified walls, making it both effective and cost efficient. This makes it a great solution for dealing with archer units stationed on the battlements. However, due to the nature of its design, aiming it is out of the question. 10 575 525 600 01:15:00
Trebuchet The trebuchet utilizes a counter-weight system for launching projectiles at enemy walls, allowing it to inflict massive damage to the walls as well as any one unfortunate enough to be standing on or near them. 20 1800 1800 1800 02:45:00
Royal Heir Royal heirs are your progeny, and are the only unit capable of claiming another territory in the name of your kingdom. Due to their importance, they travel with their own personal guard and only engage in battle as a last resort. Before a Royal Heir may claim another territory, he must first obtain experience through successfully defeating enemy armies. Only then will he have earned the respect to be considered a successor to the crown. The cost of an heir increases as the number of heirs you create grows. Only one heir can occupy a territory at one time. 10 6070 5950 5975 03:00:00